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Development halted
After more than two years of working on the JarCon project, I've finally bit the bullet and realized that I can't find the time to work on it anymore. I haven't made any changes to the program in over a year, and in fact, I've recently made a switch to linux as my primary operating system, so developing a windows application that was written in VB, just doesn't seem plausible anymore. If there are any competent Visual Basic developers who are interested in taking over development of the project, feel free to email me (link:"joeatrr" below).

On the bright side, I've finally gotten around to uploading the source to the CVS repository. If you choose to tinker with the source, and make something useful, I would love to hear about it. And as I said above, if anyone wants to take over the project, please email me.

Thanks for all the support,
[ joeatrr ] [ October 15, 2003 ]


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